Guide DORROUGH 280,380 Digital Loudness Meters - Technical (schematics)

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DORROUGH 380 Meters Digital Loudness Technical 280 Instructions
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  4. Digital Loudness Meters Model 280 and 380 - Dorrough

On the model , Channel A is displayed on the left scale, and B on the right. When multiple meters are installed in a console, channel designation can be made on the meter bezel if used , or the meter bridge front panel. Overrange indication occurs when the input signal reaches a point one count over maximum allowed input level. When this happens, the top three LEDs 0, -1, and -2 all change color to red while tracking the program level.

This point can alternately be set to 4 counts over the maximum signal level by moving a jumper. Both the model and provide three peak hold functions: 3-second peak hold normal , indefinite peak hold, and no peak hold. These functions are selected through a three-position toggle switch supplied , or if only a single function is desired, jumper selected on the DLM main circuit board. Normal operation peak hold for 3-seconds is provided at the center position of the toggle switch, or through jumpering as described in Section 4 of this book.

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In this mode, the highest peak is held for 3-seconds before being reset. Indefinite peak hold retains the highest peak that has occurred for an indefinite period while constantly resampling. This function is particularly useful for unattended operation where the engineer wishes to record the highest audio peak occurring during a mastering operation, or at a remote transmitter site, etc.

The peak is cleared by switching the toggle switch to normal, then back to indefinite peak hold. Peak hold operation may also be completely defeated. In this mode, peaks are displayed in real time. These standards include professional bit and consumer bit formats. Sampling frequencies include 32 kHz, RS levels over ohm single-ended and ohm balanced inputs.

Transformer isolated as dictated by the EBU specification with series DC blocking capacitor on input and output.

Loudness DORROUGH Instructions Digital 380 Technical 280 Meters

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Digital Loudness Meters Model 280 and 380 - Dorrough

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Dorrough , Digital Loudness Meters (Schematics, Pcb Layout)

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Digital Loudness Meters Model 280 and 380 - Dorrough

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