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As we continue to learn about the potentially harmful contaminants found at the fireground, the need for protection against those particulate hazards has become more crucial.

Hood | Definition of Hood by Merriam-Webster

Its highly breathable construction helps reduce heat stress so that you can wear the hood longer at the fireground. Its innovative design integrates a barrier that blocks more than It delivers this outstanding level of performance — blocking smoke at critical seams more effectively than other particulate hoods currently available. The GEN2 hood has contrasting colors — white or black on the outside and blue on the inside, helping you prevent cross contamination.

Products with higher air permeability potentially decrease protection against fireground contaminants because they can allow more air and particles to pass through a barrier. Instead, products that combine high breathability and a higher particle-blocking efficiency deliver a better balance of comfort and protection.

With the GEN2 hood, Gore has achieved more than Learn more. Do you need to identify a dealer?


What is the difference between wall-mounted cooker hoods and island cooker hoods? All product benefits at a glance - Wall and Island Hoods. Con ctivity Automatic operation for intelligent blower control Optimum room climate: The required blower output is automatically controlled by the cooktop settings. Find out more about "Con ctivity".

Stainless-steel grease filters layer Esthetically pleasing and highly functional Efficient in extracting steam, The high-quality metal grease filters are dishwasher-safe and extremely durable. Display all products with "Stainless-steel grease filters layer " Find out more about "Stainless-steel grease filters layer ".

Design variety Timeless purism Clear design, intelligent technology: you can choose between many models and features. Find out more about "Design variety". Automatic 'Intensive' switch-off Programmable maximum power Full power when required: The Booster setting is efficient at extracting strong cooking vapors and odors. Display all products with "Automatic 'Intensive' switch-off" Find out more about "Automatic 'Intensive' switch-off".

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Active AirClean filter A completely odor-free kitchen Efficient in absorbing odors: In recirculation mode odors are absorbed and neutralized completely. Find out more about "Active AirClean filter".

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High-quality and powerful motors Particularly powerful Powerful and quiet: Radial blowers on both sides ensure high air throughput and vented with low noise levels. Find out more about "High-quality and powerful motors".

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Edge vented Blowercy single panel instead of metal grease filter Efficient and beautiful: With edge vented the grease filters are concealed by a stainless steel or glass panel. Display all products with "Edge vented" Find out more about "Edge vented". Handcrafted in Germany Each Miele ventilation hood is unique Know-how and craftsmanship: Our expertise goes into every ventilation hood, from development to finished product.

Find out more about "Handcrafted in Germany". Perfect craftsmanship Visible quality Unique characteristics of Miele hoods: precise contours and precision joints.

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Find out more about "Perfect craftsmanship". Safety turn off Always on the safe side Sensible, even in case of operating errors: The ventilation hood will switch off automatically after 10 hours. Display all products with "Safety turn off" Find out more about "Safety turn off". Tempered glass Special safety for hoods with a glass canopy To be on the safe side: If the glass should break, it will shatter into many small, blunt pieces.

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Find out more about "Tempered glass". Display all products with "filter saturation indicator" Find out more about "filter saturation indicator". Display all products with "Motorized canopy" Find out more about "Motorized canopy".