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Extrinsic motivation vs. intrinsic motivation
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We were provided the broad strategic areas within the talent space, our leaders wanted us to focus. This feeling of being trusted by our leaders and the consequent responsibility acted as a wonderful energizer! Meeting with leaders, getting their thoughts — translating that into workable talent initiatives fulfilled my creative drive.

I woke up every day looking forward to getting to work and addressing the next challenge! It could have been framing a concept note for the next initiative, creating the individual development plan formats for our high potential program, brainstorming on how to build people manager skills etc.


Every day I wanted to do better not for any reward that was promised, but because I enjoyed what I did. I felt my work fulfilled me! I worked harder and felt better — I read more, focused on building my knowledge. This gave me the strength to defend our new initiatives from critical feedback and middle management set in their ways, largely unflattering view of most — if not all — HR initiatives.

Although a lot of this was also because my manager always had my back! The trust and responsibility entrusted to me drove me more than any promise of a pay hike or a promotion. I believe that the quality of work, the entrusting of responsibility and the unflinching support of my manager intrinsically motivated me and brought out the best and can do the same for most others! Do incentives undermine intrinsic motivation? Increases in intrinsic motivation within an incentive-based intervention for people living with HIV in Tanzania. Henderlong J, Lepper MR. The effects of praise on children's intrinsic motivation: a review and synthesis.

Psychol Bull. A quantitative review of overjustification effects in persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What Does Intrinsic Motivation Mean?

J Appl Behav Anal. Oudeyer PY, Kaplan F. What is Intrinsic Motivation?

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A Typology of Computational Approaches. Front Neurorobot. More in Theories. Understanding Extrinsic Motivation.

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Understanding Intrinsic Motivation. Extrinsic Motivation Participating in a sport to win awards Cleaning your room to avoid being reprimanded by your parents Competing in a contest to win a scholarship Studying because you want to get a good grade. Intrinsic Motivation Participating in a sport because you find the activity enjoyable Cleaning your room because you like tidying up Solving a word puzzle because you find the challenge fun and exciting Studying a subject you find fascinating.

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External rewards can induce interest and participation in something in which the individual had no initial interest. Extrinsic rewards can be used to motivate people to acquire new skills or knowledge. Once these early skills have been learned, people may then become more intrinsically motivated to pursue the activity. External rewards can also be a source of feedback, allowing people to know when their performance has achieved a standard deserving of reinforcement. Extrinsic motivators should be avoided in situations where:.

The individual already finds the activity intrinsically rewarding Offering a reward might make a "play" activity seem more like "work". Unexpected external rewards typically do not decrease intrinsic motivation. However, this needs to be done with caution because people will sometimes come to expect such rewards. Praise can help increase internal motivation.

Use 'intrinsic motivation' in a Sentence

Researchers have found that offering positive praise and feedback when people do something better in comparison to others can improve intrinsic motivation. A Word From Verywell. Was this page helpful?

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What are your concerns? Article Sources. Plotnik, R.

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Intrinsic Motivation

Psychology: Eighth Edition in Modules. New York: Worth Publishers; Continue Reading. An Overview of Sports Psychology. The Psychology of What Motivates Us. Psychology of Motivation and Reaching Your Goals.