Manual Scott Joplin (Black Americans of Achievement)

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Black Americans of Achievement - Legacy Edition
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  2. Scott Joplin: Composer by Katherine Preston
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  4. Notable African American Musicians

Louis Armstrong. Frederick Douglass. Chester Himes. Matthew Henson. Michael Jordan. Danny Glover. Thurgood Marshall. Amiri Baraka. Jesse Jackson. Philip Randolph. Langston Hughes. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Ella Fitzgerald.


Mae Jemison. Benjamin Banneker. Savion Glover. Marcus Garvey. Jesse Owens.

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  • Scott Joplin - Historic Missourians - The State Historical Society of Missouri.

George Washington Carver. Josephine Baker. Tina Turner. Charles Chesnutt. Rosa Parks.

Scott Joplin: Composer by Katherine Preston

Sojourner Truth. Miles Davis. Arthur Ashe.

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  • Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History, Volume 2 (900-1050.
  • Theoretical Issues in Contrastive Linguistics.
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James Baldwin. Related places USA.

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Amiri Baraka by Bob Bernotas. Angela Bassett by Dawn FitzGerald. Aretha Franklin by Jim McAvoy. Arthur Ashe by Ted Weissberg. Bill Cosby by Solomon J. Billie Holiday by Bud Kliment. Billie Holiday: Singer by Forrest Cole. Washington by Alan Schroeder.

Notable African American Musicians

Charles Chesnutt: Author by Cliff Thompson. Cuba Gooding JR. Black Americans of Achievement by Paula Edelson. Danny Glover by Gloria Blakely. Frederick Douglass by Sharman Apt Russell. James Baldwin: Author by Lisa Rosset. Janet Jackson by Cindy Dyson. Langston Hughes: Poet by Jack Rummel.

Scott Joplin Movie Dueling Pianos Competition Scene - 1977

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Scott Joplin

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