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She visited Banksy's studio and his manager showed her two chimp canvases left from a series of five. She bought one, but doesn't believe she has a gift for spotting sure-fire art investments. I am going to reinvest some of the money in some more art, but I don't ever expect to have that kind of luck again," the woman said. The Los Angeles show, Barely Legal , was held in a warehouse two years ago.

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Instead, she discovered the work was so valuable she could not afford to insure it and had better sell it. She plans to pay off her credit card and buy a "really good stereo" with her windfall. The auction record for a Banksy was set in April last year, for Space Girl and Bird , which was commissioned by the band Blur for their Think Tank album cover.

Laughing all the way to the Banksy. Of the seven original works, only one remains in its original location for curious fans to hunt down.

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While most were painted over or tagged , a sheet of Plexiglass continues to protect the small stencil near Church and Esplanade. Another one of these pieces has not been seen in quite some time.

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Menkes, the developer of the site, preserved the Banksy during demolition with plans to reinstall it at some point in the future, though at the time it was unclear where it would eventually get a second life. Now we know.